April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
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Korsuretket Oy / Sanni Luomahaara
Tel. +358 (0)40 578 6580
@: myynti@korsuretket.fi
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Korsu - Feel the Rhythm of the Nordic Nature!

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Kivimäenkuja 152
38800 Jämijärvi

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Korsuretket Oy
Jyllintie 276
FIN-39530 Kilvakkala
VAT identification number: FI25442139

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Korsu Sanni


Korsu Laura


retu&ritu_korsuretket The so-called pensioners

In 1999 Miika Åfelt from the nearby Hevoskievari (Horse Inn) was having his car fixed by my father. They joked that when he's taking his customers on horse carriage rides he should drop a few at our place to try out canoeing. At this point we had one canoe, bought for our own use. Apparently Miika took the joke seriously, because a few days later he called us: "You'd better get some more canoes, there'll be 20 people coming to use them in two weeks!" On that first canoeing trip we used borrowed canoes – and that one we had. Soon after that we bought a mould and started making canoes. At the moment we have enough canoes for 60 persons, but we can arrange more if needed. We also make canoes to order for our customers and sell used canoes.
During the first summer we had 200 canoeists and it did not take long until the number increased tenfold. Ever since then our services have kept expanding – they now include food services, saunas and versatile activities. We now also offer accommodation and conference facility services. Our partnerships with other local businesses are also very important to us. The multiple programme services in the area make it easy to find the perfect activities for everyone. The Korsu project was passed on to the next generation in 2010, but we're not in the habit of throwing out good things even if they're old =) Seriously though; without Retu and Ritu, who had worked on the Korsu area for 11 years, none of this would be happening. We would like to sincerely thank them!

This project will probably never be completely finished - there's always something new going on. Welcome!

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