April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
Hahmo soiro200

Contact information

Korsuretket Oy / Sanni Luomahaara
Tel. +358 (0)40 578 6580
@: myynti@korsuretket.fi
VAT identification number:



For the most relaxing evening

29 €/person
Country style bread rolls
Marinated red onion
Organic tomatoes
Pulled pork à la Korsu
Baked potatoes with a herb filling
Spring water
Layered white chocolate and berry surprise

Korsu's traditional treats

31 €/person
Green salad with Finnish squeaky cheese and lingonberries
Smoked salmon salad
Cinnamon marinated funnel chanterelles
Smoked pork's best friend: pickled cucumber, smetana and forest honey
Home-made mustard
Boiled potatoes
Carrots with tarragon
Smoked pork à la Korsu
Seasonal cheesecake

The best offerings of the surrounding forest

36 €/person
Harju's porcini mushroom soup, oat bread
Game stew
Mashed potatoes
Sweet stewed onions
Lingonberry jam
Pickled cucumbers
Marinated forest berries and mascarpone mousse

Canoe paddler's vegetable basket

33 €/person
Cobb salad
Tomato and onion salad
Rahtipalvi's best cold cuts
Home-made mustard
Creamed potatoes
Vegetable dumplings
Game sausage
Elk meatloaf with bacon and cheese filling
Cognac-flavoured apple tart, vanilla sauce

Korsu favourites

45 €/person
Fisherman's temptation
Green salad with cheese and lovage sauce
Waldorf salad à la Korsu
Cinnamon marinated funnel chanterelles
Finnish squeaky cheese
Lingonberry jam
Boiled potatoes
Root vegetables with honey
Blazed salmon, sour cream sauce
Game stew
Generous elk meatballs
Meringue wreath with seasonal berries

Lighter meals

Salmon soup or elk minced meat soup

15 €/person

Smoked reindeer and funnel chanterelle soup or Kyrösjärvi pike perch soup

18 €/person
incl. cheese and pickled cucumbers

Smoked pork or salmon casserole

15 €/person
incl. green salad, grated vegetables and pickled cucumbers

All meals include drinks (milk, home beer, water, low alcohol home beer), breads and spreads, sooty pot coffee and tea.
If none of our menus were suitable, we'll be happy to design a perfect menu according to your wishes.
We have access to e.g. local organic beef, pike perch and crabs from Kyrösjärvi, various game meats and food from the nature, everything from morels to cloudberries depending on the season!
With regard to meals we charge for min. 10 persons.
There is no separate charge for the dining area, prices include the dining space, a little decoration and outdoor fires.
Our food is always lactose-free and we can accommodate special diets if notified in advance.

Korsuretket Oy - Sanni Luomahaara
www.korsuretket.fi myynti@korsuretket.fi
tel. +358 (0)40 578 6580

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