April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
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Creative madness has always been the driving force behind Korsukylä's development. The place has taken its current shape through both wild ideas and the desire to meet our customers' wishes. This is what it looks like now – we'll see what we come up with next!

Watch the Korsukylä promotional video and check out our virtual tour!


Korsukylä-50 (kopio)

Korsukylä has used the same builders since the start. The first building, Korsu, was a prototype, so the only thing we left above ground was the roof. Maybe next time we would let them build something a little more visible..? This time it was a great idea to trust builders – Rakennuspalvelu Saloniemi & Co has achieved a lot of good things! And their schedules are flexible, too. At times, we have even booked an event for a new building while the building was still on the drawing board. A deadline is the best motivation..!

Korsu's front wall faces the river (See picture). Sitting on the terrace, by the fire, you don't need to think about anything at all. Inside, there is space for 30 people to sit down and eat or for 15 people to sleep in sleeping bags. The heat of the wood burner, the smell of tar and the atmosphere of the log building offer an excellent setting for a meeting!



The Aitta building is well suited for a gathering of 15-20 people. The seats are placed in a U-shape. If you just want to use the space for a meal, it can fit even more people. There is sleeping space for 15 people in sleeping bags. The wood burner has large glass doors and creates an inviting atmosphere.



Humppamutteri is the area's official entertainment centre! The large log hut for 50 people is an inviting and cosy place to spend an evening also with a smaller bunch of people. In the evening everyone can be the star of their own show in the Forest Karaoke. There's also room to dance!



Metsälava is our newest building, with room for approx. 100 people. This versatile building is ideal for anything from a large meeting to a birthday party, all year round. Like the other buildings, Metsälava is available for use all year round. The large glass doors allow you to see the fires outside on a dark night.


There are two wonderful saunas in Korsukylä.


The amphitheatre was originally built for summer theatre shows and can seat 250 persons. Located by the river, it has turned out to be a versatile stage for all sorts of performances and occasions.

Other buildings

In the cooking shelter one can e.g. grill sausages or eat a packed lunch when taking a break from canoeing. It's also possible to make sooty pot coffee or blazed salmon. There is a table large enough for approx. 10 persons. The shelter is also equipped with a gas grill.

A 100 m long trench makes it easier to get from the shore to Korsu. This "tunnel" also makes it easier to move in the area using a wheelchair. Most of the buildings in Korsukylä are wheelchair accessible.

There are also a couple of outhouses in Korsukylä for emergencies – but we aren't entirely uncivilized even though we are in the middle of nowhere, so ordinary flushing toilets are also available. 

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