April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
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Contact information

Korsuretket Oy / Sanni Luomahaara
Tel. +358 (0)40 578 6580
@: myynti@korsuretket.fi
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Power Up With Nordic Nature 

The day starts by arriving to Korsukylä at 13:00 (or what time is best for you)
where customers get to taste fresh seasonal juice from the nature. We have a quick course on paddling on the shore after which we get onboard and test the skills on the beautiful river Jylli. After about one hour we get on shore and hop on to the experience ride, which takes us back to Korsukylä. On the way we stop by local springs called Offering springs. Local people believe they have healing powers especially on eye and skin diseases.  After about two hours we’ll return to Korsukylä, where we barbeque some local sausages made of venison with homemade mustard.


After snack we head to the big Hut Sauna that can fit up to 25 persons with pampering peat treatments from Frantsila Herbs. Our Saunahost helps with the treatments and also tells you about the effects of peat to your system. Spring water is served during the sauna. After the peat treatment there is a big steaming hot bath waiting for you to relax your muscles. Washing room is under the sky, next to the trees!


At about five pm we will enjoy the delicious buffet table. 


Organic green salad  salmon_korsuretket

Mushroom salad from the local forest 

Cinnamon marinated Funnel Chanterelle

Mashed lingonberries from our own forest

Potatoes from the next door neighbour

Owen baked root vegetables with spruce syrup 

Salmon cooked on open fire blaze with sour cream sauce. 

Sauteed venison

Organic rye bread, oat bread 

Wild herb spread and butter

Homemade beer (non-alcoholic), milk, water


Coffee made on open fire, tea.

Chocolate cake, marinated forest berries, vanilla custard. 


After the meal the group has still some time to relax in Korsukylä, until the transportation leaves back to the bus station. 

Note! Outdoor clothing and swim suit needed. Korsukylä will provide towels. 

Price: 140 €/person, min. 8 persons 

With extra fee: 

- To make the exprience complete and make this happen without any restricting schedules, we can also book accommodation for the group from Jämi. There is a wide selection from hotel rooms to cabins and villas by the lake. www.jami.fi

- We can add for example foot massages or Indian head massages to Sauna.

- Transportations from accommodation to Korsukylä also by request.