April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
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"Well, I'll just quickly drop by the sauna..."

We all know Finns don't have sauna quickly. And based on our experiences, other nationalities may also take several hours. That's why we have built two saunas in Korsukylä to allow for those long sauna conferences... You can talk about the things you otherwise keep to yourself or just sit quietly. Pop out to the terrace or swim in the river and continue enjoying the sauna.

Book now!  Vitality and relaxation in the midst of a forest – Kotasauna is a Slow-Sauna! (1–6 hours/ 400 €)



This large and gentle sauna for 25 people is well liked by our customers. The massive wood stove provides soft and humid heat. This exotic sauna experience is completed by washing oneself outdoors, under a big fir tree. Next to Kotasauna there is a spacious dressing room with a wood burner for heating and a terrace.

280 €



Korsusauna is a traditional wood sauna by the Jyllinjoki river. If the river isn't frozen, you can go for a swim. Korsusauna is large enough for approx. 10 persons. There is a separate washroom and dressing room. A wood-fired hot tub cart can be ordered to the sauna.

230 €


Wood-fired hot tub

Next to the Kotasauna, there is a steaming, relaxing wood-fired hot tub to complete your sauna experience!

Kotasauna + hot tub 400 €


Peat sauna 

Relax in a peat sauna, treat your whole body or focus on problem areas. Peat helps you relax and cleanse both your body and your mind.

The price of the sauna of your choice + 20€/person


Herbal sauna 

The price of the sauna of your choice + 10€/person, incl. a herb-scented sauna, a herbal bath for your feet and a herbal oil you can spread on your skin after the sauna.

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