April to June: Canoe rental 40€/canoe!

The conditions are ideal for paddling right now!   The price includes technique tips, guidance on the canoeing route and transportation to the starting point.
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Vitality and relaxation in the midst of a forest – Kotasauna is a Slow-Sauna! (1–6 hours)

Come enjoy stress-free moments in the midst of nature in the heat of Korsukylä’s Kotasauna and refreshing outdoor hot tub.

Come enjoy an authentic sauna experience in a wood-heated hut sauna. Relax and cleanse your body and mind with a refreshing peat poultice treatment. A forest spa surrounded by spruce trees awaits you outside the sauna. The outdoor hot tub and the sounds of a bubbling wood-heated water tank wash away your daily worries. Our sauna host will tell you all about the fascinating, traditional Finnish sauna culture. After the sauna, you can sit and relax in the afterheat of the sauna, and our chef will bring some savory forest treats for you to taste. Stop for a moment and enjoy the peaceful rhythm of nature!

Group size: 10–25 persons
Duration: 1–6 hours.
Sauna + outdoor hot tub: 400 € incl. VAT. The sauna fits max 25 persons at a time, and the out-door hot tub fits 8 persons. Food and drinks are available for an additional cost.
Servings (available for an additional cost): Elk sausages from a local meat processor, spruce tip mustard, organic green salad and tar dressing, rye bread from a local bakery, nettle spread, local spring water. Price: 15 € per person. Minimum charge: 10 persons.

Peat treatment (for an additional cost): 20 € per person. The price includes the peat treatment service and a treatment pack to take home. Peat treatment is not recommended during pregnancy.
Season: All year
Equipment: Towels available for an additional cost of 3 € per towel.
Service language: Finnish, English
Other: The program is suitable for all ages. Meals, a meeting, accommodation (cottage/hotel) and other program services can be added to the program. Ask for a quote for additional services.

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